Kathleen Blackwell – Army of Love – The Remixes

Kathleen Blackwell has been working for the last few years with producer Ronan Chris Murphy on a global music collaboration she calls “Project Electrico” The music features an incredible collection of players from around the world.

In 2020, Kathleen began releasing a series of singles. Following the release of the single “Army of Love”, Kathleen and Veneto West Records had the idea of doing a contest to remix the tune, as a way to have some fun with the music and raise money for a great charity (Make Music Matter).

The album features some of the highlights from that competition. Play and download from Bandcamp below. Also available on Spotify,  Apple Music, and Youtube

1 Army of Love-Square Meal Laboratories remix marccapponi.com
2 Army of Love – Ronan Chris Murphy Remix ronanchrismurphy.com
3 Army of Love – Elisa Nicolas Remix elisanicolas.com
4 Army of Love – Faust Remix  
5 Army of Love – Stella Funk Remix facebook.com/StellaFunkn
6 Army of Love – Chris Trentham Remix christrentham.com
7 Army of Love – Arthur Edström Remix  
8 Army of Love – Dave Blair Remix daveblairmusic.com
9 Army of Love – Kayzar Remix instagram.com/djkayzar
10 Army of Love – Mike Kapitan Remix mikekapitan.com
11 Army of Love – Alfredo P. Beneducci Remix  
12 Army of Love – original version kathleenblackwell.com